"It has come, the day of vengeance
That our souls have waited long;
Vengeance on the hated tyrant
For each dark and bitter wrong.
As the mountain fox is hunted
Back into his loathsome den,
So we'll scourge the brutal tyrant
With our weapons and our men."

--- Weapons And Men ---

Assault on Gartetred Weapons, Inc.

Obtaining supplies was a crucial element of Alliance strategy during this time period. The Empire could brute-force its support operations with slave labor, massive credit expenditures into inefficient bureaucracies, and bulk freighters loaded with whatever its "nationalization authorities" could steal. The Alliance, in a much more critical political period, could not have afforded to do so even if it had the inclination.

Normally scraping by on black market weapons or caches of Clone Wars era materiel, the Alliance's primary source of military-grade weaponry was the Empire itself. The Gartetred Weapon Works was a massive factory complex whose exclusive client was the Imperial military. When payment was delayed for a shipment of grenade launchers, Gartetred Prex Tero Peff withheld the product. That gave the Alliance the opportunity for a daring raid and the possibility of gaining portable heavy weapons capability, highly important for many groups of Alliance soldiers.

Squad 16782 infiltrated the facility, disguised themselves as Weapon Works employees, and stole a considerable amount of weaponry, grenades, and materiel essentially right off the landing pad, under the guns of an Imperial transport that had been sent to obtain the equipment. They were especially motivated to take the mission to relieve them from their posting in the construction of Echo Base on the ice planet of Hoth. The key to the operation was speed, and one significant advantage was gained by the distrusting and deceptive relationship between the Empire and its corporate partners. Each kept secrets from the other, allowing Squad 16782's disinformation to be especially effective.

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