Lieutenant Baird Freylla

Assigned to Olchark Prison during the pacification of Kashelmir, he received orders originating directly from Lord Vader to execute Norin Helkosh, whose genetic scan after his arrest had led to the discovery of a connection with a former Jedi Padawan who had fled the Temple on Coruscant with the assistance of unidentified persons opposing both Palpatine and Tarkin's takeover. The fact that the youthful Norin carried with him his father's lightsaber when he went to his suicide mission at the Naval Academy only confirmed what Palpatine and Vader already believed, that Helkosh was a trained danger to them. They were partly right, since he was not at that time trained as a Jedi.

Freylla was a widower on the day he received the order to execute Helkosh and his motivations remain uncertain. Whatever his reason, he did not kill Helkosh, but instead freed him into the wilderness outside of the prison. Freylla avoided execution by Vader only because Vader was busy being shot down over Yavin and reforming the entire Imperial Fleet after the disastrous loss of the first Death Star.

When the Imperials withdrew in poor order from Olchark, Freylla was captured and imprisoned where he had previously been a guard, the remaining prisoners tormenting him, blinding him, and subjecting him to high doses of Silver Spiral for their own amusement. He was tortured by "Warden" Needro into giving up many of the secrets of the facility to its new master.

After being rescued by Special Forces Group Effortless in their escape from the facility, he was placed at the Karplan Sector Medical Center where he continues to be treated today. I have interviewed him. He is an interesting character but reveals little about his true motivations...

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