Findings of Fact and Recommendations

1. The crew of the Liberation Day IV performed their duties with exceptional heroism and deserve the grateful thanks of all in the Galaxy who love justice and hate what is wicked.

2. The Jedi Protectorate's deception and aggression cannot go unpunished and war against that faction should be prosecuted with extreme prejudice.

3. The Tarkinite Imperials are unable to pose a serious threat since their defeat at Daydosha. We should accept their suit for peace in order to keep the Jedi Protectorate fighting on two fronts or trapped.

4. The war fleet of Genorgah is a serious unresolved issue to the rear of Republic battle lines. Partnerships with Outer Rim nations to obtain intelligence and protect against Genorgah's activities are absolutely necessary. We must fulfill our promises.

5. Miett Kharayf's war crimes must be punished.

6. The Jedi Order must be reconstituted according to the true principles of that sect.

So say we all.

The Galactic Republic Ad Hoc Committee On The Present Danger

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