Kylindra Fimbros

Kylindra Fimbros was born on Corellia to working-class parents. She was educated in Imperial schools where she showed an aptitude for ratting out her fellow students. After a stint as an analyst that ended when she framed a superior for treason and took his place, she became a field agent for the Empire.

A New Order supporter from an early age, Fimbros was highly popular and manipulative throughout her life. She became an interrogator for Imperial Intelligence at a time when torture was the norm and truth drugs were the common short-cut when even torture seemed too kind. By contrast, Fimbros used psychological tricks and deception to obtain information instead of capitulation. These methods were less than effective in getting the false confessions her superiors constantly demanded. Instead, Fimbros gained true information in her interviews, often crucial intelligence that could not have been relied on if gained through torture. These glimpses of Rebellion activities fed a natural curiosity that led Lindra, as her many friends called her, to enjoy the work she could not advance in.

Interestingly, Fimbros' sociopathy did not seem to make her less personable. Perhaps it made her moreso, since she could be friendly and helpful without ever compromising her own true feelings, since she had none whatsoever to speak of.

She was assigned before the Battle of Yavin to evaluate the leaks that had led to the theft of the Death Star plans by the Alliance, and uncovered hints of a conspiracy against the Emperor and Darth Vader within the ranks of the Imperial Navy, who blamed the mismanagement of the administration for the ills of the Navy. Although she succeeded in identifying the Bothans who had obtained the Death Star plans, because the direct perpetrators had already escaped, there were no show executions and as part of the biggest case she was ever assigned to, the Death Star was destroyed and she never received even a word of thanks. By contrast, a lieutenant who tortured a false confession to the same crime out of innocent bureaucrats was promoted to become her new superior. It was not a difficult decision for Lindra to decide not to reveal the coup conspirators to Imperial Intelligence, instead allying herself with them.

The other conspirators resented her intrusion but recognized the cover an internal security officer could give them. It probably helped that she had the power to destroy them all if she chose, but there is no evidence that she ever made that threat directly and it does not fit her personality, which was, by all accounts, relentlessly positive and upbeat.

After the Alliance evacuated Yavin and the Empire re-occupied the system, Fimbros was detailed to go through the Death Star wreckage with a salvage team to secure any classified data or equipment that the Rebellion had not managed to salvage during its time there. As the ranking Intel Agent, she was dispatched as part of the Imperial Investigation of the Massassi Temple. That was the first time she came into conflict with Darth Vader and she left the system in a hurry in order to avoid his approach.

She orchaestrated the assassination of High Inquisitor Volytar during the Battle of Skorrupon as a method of gaining the trust and support of anti-Vader conspirator Syl Dukett, then a Captain in the Imperial Marines. Interestingly, both Dukett and Fimbros were highly successful, ruthless women inside the male-dominated Imperial military hierarchy.

She turned up again at Olchark Prison questioning the members of Special Forces Group Effortless.

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