Syl Dukett

Dukett joined the Imperial military because her father desired someone to follow in his footsteps. The fact that she was a woman and part of the Marines, looked down on by the Navy as superfluous and ignored by the Emperor in favor of his stormtrooper shock forces, Dukett struggled in obscurity throughout the rule of the Empire. A protege of Admiral Motti, she was aboard the first Death Star as part of the forces he intended to place at Grand Moff Tarkin's disposal to execute Darth Vader and use the Death Star to overthrow Palpatine. Tarkin decided to put off that decision until defeating the Alliance at Yavin, where he and Motti would meet his death. Dukett and her marines had been sent by Tarkin to Dantooine to investigate information that a Rebel base was there. They found it abandoned.

It was Motti's conspiracy and ideas that would form the basis for the Tarkinite faction that would plague is even today. Dukett, as one of the ranking survivors, would be crucial in the reformation of this faction after Yavin.

Dukett participated in the assassination of High Inquisitor Volytar in partnership with Kylindra Fimbros. She was the true target of this operation, as Fimbros needed a means to prove herself to the Tarkinite conspiracy. Dukett sided with her soldiers against the High Inquisitor, and began to work with Fimbros as a result.

This partnership lasted several years, well into the final mission of the Liberation Day IV. Dukett was in command of the Marine Corvette Vengeance II that rescued the crew of the LDIV from the Star Destroyer Implacable.

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