"When I was young and scarce eighteen, I drove a roaring trade,
And many a sly trick I have played with many a pretty maid.
My parents found that would not do, I soon should spend their store;
So, they resolved that I should go on board a man-of-war."

--- On Board A 98 ---

Defense of the Ko Lam III

Heavy transports such as the Ko Lam III were rare in the Alliance, and so they were kept from vulnerable positions as much as possible. After the evacuation of Yavin, the Ko Lam was sent far from the main bulk of the Alliance fleet, to serve as a mobile base of operations for infantry units, as well as to perform day-to-day Fleet operations for those that were separated from the Fleet. One such operation was the funeral of pilots killed in the evacuation effort, including Y-Wing pilot Fel Quinn. This accounted for the presence of Squad 16782.

Imperial Transport 689-47B came across a shuttle carrying high-ranking Rebel Command leaders to the Ko Lam III. Immediately on leaving hyperspace, the leaders of the transport knew they had no chance of getting away unless they could disable the hyperdrive of the massive vessel, forcing the starfighters it carried to remain behind to protect it rather than giving chase.

The transport was not carrying ordinary Imperial thugs, but instead, trained commando units who were quite capable of carrying out a mission to disable the bulk freighter. However, on the upper decks of the engineering section of the freighter, the squad engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the commandos, setting traps with ships' systems and preventing them from accessing the main engineering compartment.

After most of the commandos had been killed and the rest captured, the transport was secured and became Alliance Transport Witness.

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