As we all know, the treachery of the Skywalker family has now led to the unmaking of all that the Republic has worked for. But because of the heroism of the crew of the Liberation Day IV, the conspiracy was exposed before it could finish its deadly work of turning the whole of the new Jedi Order to their hideous philosophy. The New Republic fleet was able to escape and be reinforced by the Elroodan Navy. Jedi students were rescued and teachers were secured to continue their training in the true methods of that ancient and noble order. Much of the Republic Senate resisted the trickeries of the Skywalker faction and escaped - and public sentiment after the conspiracys failure is squarely on the side of the Republic. Repudiated at Daydosha, the Tarkinites now must back the Republic and remain within their borders or perish, and the Hutt war fleet led by Genorgah has been denied the technological advantage it needed. In addition to all of this, the mad plan of Kharayf to control the minds of the masses with ancient Force artifacts was stymied, perhaps permanently.

Our situation remains dire, as I do not need to remind this committee. But because of the crew of the LD4, we have a fighting chance. In the past it has been demonstrated that this is all that justice needs.

It would be idle of me, after this long presentation, to deny that Special Forces Group Effortless was targetted because they alone had evidence of Vader's survival of the destruction of the second Death Star at Endor.

But the poet in me imagines Olen Quinn, at his engineering station on board the Liberation Day IV, alone in the Galaxy, the last of his family torn from him, though they had not communicated in the last months of his life, and seeing suddenly in the wheel and twist of capital ships, the whizz and streaks of starfighter engines and missile exhaust, the pale green lines and blank grey voidness of the station itself, the chaos and pain of battle, a strange connectivity, an artistic vision of such sweep and splendour that it nearly moved him to the tears he could not shed for the final, exhausting grief of once again losing his family. And it was to prevent him knowing consciously what he felt instinctively in that wild moment that Vader targetting him - to keep him from knowing what Serenya Olook has told us, that all living beings, wicked or virtuuos, are connected by the skeins of ate, the strands of destiny.

I know not what the future will hold for us, or for Special Forces Group Effortless. At the end of this hyperspace jump we expect to find Garm Bel Iblis' resistance fighters. We expect to find the support of the Elroodan Navy and many on the Outer Rim who Effortless protected from Genorgah the Hutt's warfleet. We expect our future to hold a hard fight against the now truly-named Sith Protectorate, and against the unknown plans of Kharayf and Genorgah. But because of the heroes of Effortless, we face them knowing what they are, aligned with the strong support of a Galactic populace fed up with tyrants and with the core of a new Jedi Order eager to defeat their fallen tormentors.

Now as my prepared remarks draw to a close and the work of history turns to mear journalism, I wish to leave the committee with a final thought.

What might have happened if we lost track of the anrrative, lost the thread of this story? Would things have gone differently? When considered properly, this counterfactual shows the compelte foolishness of Skywalker and Vader's plan. For the New Republic is different than the Empire. Ours is no mere struggle of faction versus faction. The New Republic supported transparency and openness, and loved the truth. And love, as we have seen, is more powerful than a hundred Death Stars. The truth, if we had not found it, would not have changed, would not have waited for us, it was what it was, and no mystical field could change it or hide it forever.

I thank you for your kind attention. I yield the remainder of my time.

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