Tyric Cole

aka Jonas Havoc

The background and activities of Tyric Cole, aka Jonas Havoc, are difficult to piece together, as befits an intelligence operative during the close confines of a civil war. He was born on Daydosha. His mother died a year after his birth due to poor health, and his father Kallam is remembered primarily a harsh man not suited for grief. Even his father died when he was fourteen, leaving him on his own. Determined to make it on his own, Cole began working in the mines of Daydosha at that age and studying at school in the evening. His exceptional mind and obvious strength of will was obvious to his teachers, who were happy to give him the extra effort and attention needed so that he might excel.

He had befriended the Snowen family at a young age, perhaps attracted to the freewheeling attitude of Brynn and Hayden, or to the companionship of Tasia. Through the Snowens, he was also a favorite of Baron Dietrich, who was impressed with the boy's independence and hardworking attitude.

Cole was approached by travelling Alliance recruiters when he was 21, and when his connection to Dietrich became clear, Alliance Intelligence asked him to return to his homeworld and enlist, through his patron, in the Imperial Academy. This he did, but along the way he spoke to Tasia and revealed to her, in breach of protocol but in accordance with the laws of human nature, affection, and the deeper truths of existence, his true allegiance, and thus prompted her to join the Rebellion herself.

It would not be the last time that Cole, now operating under the assumed name Jonas Havoc, would violate Alliance Intelligence protocols.

His assignment was to monitor data and analysis after the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin and thereby prevent the Navy from apprehending the Alliance fleet. However, as the Imperial Navy became more and more desperate - and more and more driven by their new commander Darth Vader - analysts like "Havoc" were brought into ships of the line and into battle situations more and more often.

He was assigned to protect and facilitate COMPNOR-History Director-General Miett Kharayf during a visit to the lawless moon of Nar Shadaa. This unpleasant assignment was something he was able to trade on to obtain better postings and provide additional information. However, it was undeniably connected to the SOSEF TRIPTYCH situation, though at that early stage it was unlikely he had much inkling of its significance.

His Lieutenant's rank required him to direct TIE fighters, gunships, and light cruisers on the front line of pacification efforts on worlds made restive by the apparent vulnerability of the Empire after the Battle of Yavin. It was during this time that the reliability of the information offered by Agent Cole began to suffer.

This makes it very difficult to determine the truth of Agent Cole's experience, but data recently unearthed in Imperial archives, ships' logs, and reports from a half dozen sources gives us confidence in certain facts.

By the time Tasia Snowen was made part of Mechanized Infantry Unit Gamma, Cole had been assigned to the Planetary Bombardment Sphere Exterminator. As a top analyst and manager aboard the massive sphere-ship, he rose in importance and was promoted to Captain.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

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