Chaos on Braksk Station

A vulnerability in Imperial-corporate communications permitted an Alliance agent on a distant station to gain information that would prove invaluable to Alliance efforts on Hoth. A corporate transport carrying heavy blaster emplacements intended for point defense on fortresses and corvettes was delayed at Braksk Station. Unfortunately, a miscommunication resulted in Gamma Unit arriving on station understaffed, badly outfitted, and entirely unprepared for the situation they would fine. Here is what I've been able to piece together:

The Alliance agent, Dinson Ellz, provided information to his handler, Tyric Cole. Elzz, a customs officer, reported that the Corporate Sector hauler Reciprocation 12, piloted by Ling Cowan, had been held up as Cowan's corporate sector masters had refused to pay a sufficient bribe to Chynn "The Winch" Winchost, a greedy station administrator. Cole did not pass along this information, though. Captain Han Solo did, after a brief stop at the station.

The origin of Braksk Station is uncertain. What is knon is that a Republic Scout Corps survey of the sliver of the Outer Rim containing the facility listed it as "a decrepit Gamorrean stronghold, barely held together with ancient equipment and sheer malice." this entry, from two thousand years ago, holds mainly true today, with more diversity in species population.