Squad 16782 Operational History


Squad 16782 was a typical four-soldier squad, with one (Tasia Snowen) with some survival and weapon experience, another with some formal training from the Imperial Academy (Norin Helkosh). The others (Olen Quinn, Jessamine Corel) had no previous combat experience.

Active Duty

They went aboard the Corellian Corvette Dauntless, an infantry and materiel transport vessel for immediate deployment. After the Dauntless, they travelled on whatever Naval vessel was available.

Decommissioning, Retraining and Redeployment

When Admiral Ackbar arrived at Echo Base with only half the Rebel Fleet, he knew that he had to continue operations despite not having full Fleet support. If the remainder of the fleet, including Rebel capital ships, was going to have any chance of escaping the Imperial pursuit, there would have to be multiple diversions and feints in all directions. Moreover, he knew that if something happened and the rest of the Fleet were wiped out, this rump force would form the basis for the new Alliance military.

Experienced squads such as 16782 were reorganized and re-equipped as mechanized infantry squads, emphasizing mobility and independent action. The best of them, such as Mechanized Infantry Group Gamma would be top candidates for Special Forces promotion later in the war.

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