Paul McClellan

[ Picture of Paul
]Paul is my character in Ryan's new sci-fi Feng Shui game.

Name: Paul McClellan
Type: Martial Artist
Hook: Paul sends away for all those free offers on TV and in junk mail. That's how he won the sweepstakes.


Body: 5
Chi: 3
(Kung Fu: 8)
Mind: 5
Reflexes: 8


Martial Arts +7 : 15
Leadership +2 : 7
Info/Eastern Philosophy +6 : 11
Detective +6 : 11
Info/Postal System +10 : 15

XP: 6


Claw of the Tiger (Chi 1/Shot 3)
Prodigious Leap (Chi 1/Shot 1)
Tiger Stance (Chi 1/Shot 0)

Weapons and Equipment

Mail Order Katana. Damage STR+4 (9).
Paul was a studious and attentive kid, not too bright, not too dim, but he was always passing notes in class. Throughout high school and college he sent away for free information and samples for a thousand different products, entered a million contests and gathered a ton of junk. After going to college and getting a degree in philosophy (useless), he decided that he wanted to become a detective, so he sent away for free lessons from the Ace Detective Correspondence School. After winning a free course of study from a "Ninja School", he became more and more enamored with the martial arts (for which he has a natural facility) and has recently been training at Hamish McLamazato's Kung Fu Instruction Center and Off-Track Betting Parlor, when he's not doing his detective work (which is chiefly just boring divorce work.)

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