Senator Lenzol Patience

Prince Coralodio of the Molstram System


Molstram is a very cosmopolitan but quite isolated world in the Middle Core. There are very few inhabitable worlds in the sector. This means that the representative from Molstram to the Senate of the Republic has a great deal of institutional prestige, but very little practical pull. They're on all the guest lists, are called near the head of the roll, have lavish offices and exhorbitant budgets but very little actual power.

Molstram is currently ruled by the Coralodio Dynasty, and has been for a hundred generations. The Coralodios are divided into Houses named for virtues laid down by the Jedi Knight who saved the family from destruction in a plague in the early days of the planet. The Houses are Patience, Serenity, Joy, Honor, Generosity, and Bravery. The Patience family currently rules the main planet and has the most influence over the rest of the sector.

Each of the Houses has a Tower on its own planet or continent (depending on their influence), and each House has its own complicated, melodious Song (about 6 days in length). The Song is performed continually outside the Towers by blood members of the Houses, rain or shine, in war and peace, in snow and hail. This demonstrates devotion to the people. If the Song stops, the House has Renounced its privileges as part of the Dynasty.

Lenzol ("Len") was born to the Patience household and was groomed in a relaxed way from an early age for leadership even though his intended position, Republican Senator, would not devolve on him until it had passed through the hands of five other family members, descending from his elderly great-grand-uncle. Thus he really wasn't challenged much as a child. He was essentially going to be one of the singers, and idle and wealthy.

Unfortunately, that great-grand-uncle came up against Senator Palpatine's still-quiet conspiracy and was forced into retirement after his successors were all assassinated in a "tragic shuttle accident". The great-grand-uncle himself has since died.

Len was very quickly packed up and shipped off to the Senate. On the way there he immersed himself in the factual and technical side of his new duties, with the result that since his arrival in the decadent and corrupt Senate, he has gained something of a reputation as a hardworking policy wonk, very earnest, non-corrupt (and therefore worthless) and something of a harmless crank.

He decidedly does not fit in there.

Visiting the Molstram Sector, more information about Len's home planet.

Highlights of Len's pre-Imperial filibuster. "This is going to be mandatory reading in some poor Rebellion Officer's school someday." -- Ryan

Senator Lenzol Patience
Noble 8/Soldier 1/Officer 2
Age: 25
Gender: M
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: White
Species: Human

STR 14 (+2)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 18 (+4)

Vitality 89
Wounds 14
Defense 20 (+1 against one opponent per round)
Speed 10m
BAB +8/+3 (= +6 Noble 8, +1 Soldier 1, +1 Officer 2)
Initiative +2
Reputation +8
Force Poitns: 4/2d6

Fort: +8 (= +2 Con +6 base)
Ref: +8 (= +2 Dex +6 base)
Will: +12 (= +2 Wis +2 Iron Will +8 base)

Melee: +10/+5
Ranged: +10/+5
SKILLS (total)

Bluff +20 (= +4 Cha +2 Persuasive +14 ranks )
Computer Use +17 (= +3 Int +14 ranks)
Diplomacy +20 (= +4 Cha +2 Trustworthy +14 ranks )
Disguise +9 (= +4 Cha +5 ranks)
Entertain (sing) +7 (= +4 Cha + 3 ranks)
Gather Information +15 (= +4 Cha + 9 ranks)
Intimidate +15 (= +4 Cha + 2 Persuasive + 9 ranks)

K: Jedi Lore +6 (= +3 Int + 1 rank +2 Living History)
K: Politics +19 (= +3 Int + 14 ranks +2 Living History)
K: History +15 (= +3 Int + 10 ranks +2 Living History)
K: Alien Species +12 (= +3 Int + 7 ranks +2 Living History)
K: Business +14 (= +3 Int + 9 ranks +2 Living History)
K: World Lore +13 (= +3 Int + 8 ranks +2 Living History)
K: Military +13 (= +3 Int + 8 ranks +2 Living History)
K: Streetwise +6 (= +3 Int + 1 rank +2 Living History)

Ride: +3 (= +2 Dex + 1 rank)
Sense Motive +18 (=+2 Wis, +2 Trustworthy, +14 ranks)


Iron Will
Living History (Jedi Lore, Politics, History, Alien Species, World Lore, 
Military, Business, Streetwise)

Frightful Presence: Lower level? Make a DC19 Will save or be Shaken for 
1d6+4 rounds (-2 to attacks, skills and saves). Free action. Also see 
Intimidate rules on p.93.

Favors: twice per week, may roll 1d20+3, 10 for simple favors, 25 for 
highly dangerous favors

Weapon Groups: Simple, blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons,
vibro weapons

Bonus Class Skill: Gather Information

Inspire Confidence: 4 allies gain +2 morale bonus to saves, and +1 morale 
to attack and damage, twice per day with full action, for 5 rounds

Resource Access: Charisma check *160 credits worth of resources available 
within 1d8 hours

Coordinate: When aiding another, give +2 extra bonus, cannot be used in 
combat. Must actually help.

Leadership (Diplomacy vs. 10+ target number of allies for +4 bonus on 
skill checks for 1 minute)


Blaster pistol - dam 3d6 - crit 19-20 - range 18m
personal computer
Casual clothes
Senatorial robes
Formal clothes
Liquid cable dispenser
breath mask
all-temperature cloak
Personal dictation unit/recorder
Protocol-Databank Multitasking Platform Droid (R41L)
blaster carbine - dam 3d8 - crit 18-20 - range 20m
heavy blaster pistol - dam 3d8 - crit 19-20 - range 8m
vibrosword - dam 2d8+2 - crit 19-20
stun gloves - dam 1d4+2 / Stun DC: 10, 14, 18.
light repeating blaster - dam 3d8 - crit 19-20 - range 40m
force pike - dam 2d8+3 - crit 20 - Stun DC 15
Electrostaff - dam 2d6+4 - lightsabers cannot cut it



Experience: 59,400

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