Jason's Gaming Page

"The moon is full tonight -- as it has been many a night in the past, and we trust it will be many a night to come...Which may or may not interest you." --- George Herriman
Hello, and welcome to Jason's Gaming page! We're your hosts, the badly-animated commentators from the Nintendo Pro Wrestling game, here to lead you through it! Currently the page is being renovated, so you might not find all the stuff you're used to finding here.


Here is where you can find out information about Jason's various campaigns! These worlds are genuinely messed up, usually OMIGOD!!! LOOK AT THAT PILEDRIVER!!!!! ASTOUNDING!!!!! LOOK! LOOK! THERE'S A FOREIGN OBJECT IN THE RING!!! At any rate, it's pretty rare that everything on these pages continues to link correctly, as once the game is over, the pages lay fallow.


These web.supplements are immensely screwed-up, yes, I'd say they are definitely some of the absolute worst gaming material you could ever find, but you may get some ideas from them, they're a little on the strange side and OFF THE ROPES! HE'S OFF THE ROPES! HE'S OVER THE ROPES AND INTO THE CROWD! I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!


This is a little gallery of Jason's messed-up characters which appear in other people's games. Really, these characters are only there to spoil other people's fun, and there's no reason that anyone should GAAAAAAAAHAHHHHAHAH!!! NOOOOO! IT CAN'T BE!!!! IT IS!!!!!!!! AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!

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