Bob Hudson, International Man of...oh, never mind

Bob Hudson is the character I play in Ryan Franklin's Feng Shui game. He's an Everyman Hero, of the Jack Burton variety. (Jack Burton, for those sad people who have never seen 'Big Trouble In Little China', is a big-mouth trucker trapped in a kung fu movie.) [Picture of Lyle Lovett]I imagine Lyle Lovett playing him, sort of a weird-looking skinny guy with a Texas accent. You can catch Lyle doing a passable Bob Hudson imitation in the movie "The Player".

Hudson is a spy, or thinks he is, or wants to be. He actually drives a cab in Hong Kong, while watching his chance to see if he can catch his evil twin brother Xerxes, who (he thinks) is head of a massive international criminal conspiracy.

I might post up his skills and some of his exploits here as I get to it.

During the first session of the game, Bob won the "line of the session" award for this exchange:
[A zombie has tackled Bob in the morgue parking lot. Bob is wrassling him around trying to get free and get to his cab to get away.]

RENEGADE COP: We need to get that body back into the morgue!

BOB: I'm workin' on it!


Body: 5
Chi: 3 (Fortune: 10, Kung Fu 4)
Mind: 5 (Willpower: 6)
Reflexes: 6

Driving +4 (10)
Guns +3 (9)
Martial Arts +6 (12)
Info/Cheesy Spy Movies +5 (10)
Info/Beer +8 (13)
Info/Airports +7 (12)
Info/Late 60s Funk Bands +8 (13)
Sabotage +1 (7)
Fixit +1 (6)

Shticks: Using Fortune dice don't actually reduce the Fortune rating. +1 Attack Value for any improvised weapon.

Weapons: Punch (Damage 6), Kick (Damage 7), Glock 17 (swiped from bad guy) (Damage 10, Capacity 17+1)

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