Nosferatu Black Marketeer

[ Picture of Ellis ]
[ Picture of slightly 
Ellis ]


Str 3
Dex 2
Sta 3

Cha 2
Man 3
App 0

Per 3
Int 4
Wits 3

Alertness 1
Dodge 1
Intimidation 1
Leadership 1
Streetwise 3
Subterfuge 2

Animal Ken 1
Firearms 2
Melee 1
Security 2
Stealth 3

Computer 1
Finance 3
Investigation 3
Law 1
Linguistics 2 (Spanish, Szechuan Chinese)
Politics 1

Tunnel Lore 2
Scrounging 1
Bribery 2

Animalism 1
Obfuscate 2
Potence 1

Allies 2
Contacts 4
Herd 1
Resources 3
Retainer 1
Generation 1

Conscience 2
Self-Control 4
Courage 4

Humanity 5
Willpower 5
Blood Pool: 11

Merits: Entrepreneur, Slime, Oversized Mouth, Black Market Ties
Flaws: Compusion (Curious), Infamous Sire

Weapon: Glock 17, diff 7, Dam 2, Conceal: J, Range 17, Rate 4, Clip: 17

[ Picture of Eileen ]

Eileen O'Shaunessey, ghoul

A second generation American, Eileen's mother was one of the Irish immigrants Ellis snuck into the country under the tutelage of Tammany Hall, for the purposes of stuffing Democratic ballot boxes. He checked up on Eileen during the fall of Tammany in the fifties, and found her trying desperately to hold the organization together. He ghouled her, giving her an offer she couldn't refuse. It took her some time to adjust to street work, but some of her old Tammany cronies were "going union" (i.e. becoming Mafia legbreakers for the Teamsters), which helped her get started considerably. Since that time, he has faked her death and replacement once. Always a plain girl before, Eileen now has a beauty so intense that it is actually a little repulsive, inspiring uncomfortableness and discontent when talking to her.

Her duties for Ellis are pretty straightforward and include the usual duties of a ghoul - being a daylight representative of his interests, and so forth. Her main job is to act as a liason to the dirty cops, harbor patrol and customs officers who habitually look the other way for smuggling rings. To a somewhat lesser extent, she's also a reassuring face for more permanently established organized crime. Because Ellis' group doesn't always operate, they don't eat into organized crime profits nearly so much, and with some communication through Eileen, they can even have a (small) piece of the action if they decide to "invest" in the smaller market.

Eileen Notes

Eileen has the 1-point Flaw "Disturbingly Beautiful". She has a hard time getting dates and keeping relationships.

Her real name is Martha Kennessey - her death was faked in the early seventies in order to allay suspicions about how she just seemed to keep getting younger and younger.

She doesn't like Ellis' sire (although they have never directly met), and thinks Ellis should try to get under the wing of one or another of the more powerful Kindred organizations in town, and come up out of the tunnels.

Eileen lives in a gorgeous apartment on the East Side. She can, after all, manage her money much better than Ellis has.

Minor Contacts

[ Faber 
gives his
best smile ] Faber Patterson, sleazy accountant. Lives/works in the Crazy Eights Executive Lodge.

[ Picture of 
Karl ] Lieutenant Karl Hanover, NYPD scumbag. Just someone else on the payroll.
Dick the Slumlord. 'Nuff said.

Major Contacts

[ Picture of 
Jimmy ] Jimmy Apollo, Attorney-at-Law. Texas expatriate Vietnam vet who operates out of a wheelchair and is one of the best sharks in New York. Also does some mob work, but is not part of a consigliere stable.

[ Picture 
George ] George the Cabbie. The most wired-in cabdriver in New York City.
[ Picture of 
Luca ] Luca Salvatore, made guy
Stefanus, goth-rave guy and street-chemist organizer.


[ Picture of 
] Pete Toledo, thug. This healthy young lad had an addictive personality, but the rush of being fed from has gotten him off booze. He also is on the payroll.
[ Picture of Ed 
at a
bowling alley] Ed Butler, duct repairman. Dorky fellow, technical geek.
[ Picture of 
Sally Moran ]Sally Moran, art forger

Other Images

The gang meets before going out on a new market.

Major Allies

Fred Weaver, underclergyman in South Bronx Sabbat Temple

Alphonse D'Alarco, Giovanni gangster

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