Brotherly Love

[Photo of
kid with gun]Yes, it's another one of Jason's silly White Wolf campaigns, this one in the terminally depressing world of Wraith: The Oblivion.

Or is it? I myself am of the opinion that Wraith isn't nearly as depressing as, say, Werewolf. Here's why: Wraith is a game that is about characters, and what characters care about. As such, it is almost entirely and explicitly centered around the player characters. This doesn't mean there isn't a bigger picture: it just means that, like real life, it's the little things that count. Whereas in Werewolf, you play religious fanatics caught on the losing side of a religious war in which no reinforcements can possibly arrive and to which there can be no possible outcome except utter failure and from which you can't even escape by dying because you'll just be reincarnated and have to keep fighting, in Wraith, you play a regular person with regular problems who just happens to die before they do everything they needed to (a universal theme), and who gets a second chance. And though the odds are admittedly long, it's a lot better than no second chance at all.

So there. There's my rant on why Wraith isn't depressing. On these pages you'll find things about the Wraiths in the game, the NPCs and the PCs, and some other stuff. For right now, there's a couple of text files which you can look over to assuage your burning curiosity.

Text Files

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